Academics Curricular Examination


  • Academic Year = 40 weeks approx
  • First term = 20 weeks approx
  • Second Term Year = 40 weeks approx

Each Term is divided into Check Points :

  • First term
  • IV to VIII: 3 Check Point
  • Second term
  • IV to VIII: 3 Check Point


  • No Examinations are to be held for Play Group, K.G., Prep., Class I, II and III. Mock Examination is held for Class III only. (English, Mathematics and Urdu)
  • Centralized Examinations are held for Classes IV, V, VI, and VIII
  • There are two Centralized Examinations for Classes IV – VIII First Term Examination

Dates indicated in the Academic Calendar

Second Term Examination


  • Result of 1st, 2nd, 3rd Check Points : 30
  • Result of First Tem Examination : 70
  • Result of 4th, 5th, 6th Check Points : 30

  • Result of Second Term Examination : 70

Detention Policy :

Any student who fails to meet the promotion criteria will be detained.

The following will not be promoted.

  • Any student who fails in two core subjects.
  • Any student who fails in one core subject and two non-core subjects.
  • Any student whose overall result in total is less than :
    • 45% for Classes IV & VII
    • 50% for Classes VIII & Matric
    • Students with less than 65% marks in Class VIII Final Exams will not be promoted to IX Science.

Students who miss continuous assessments :

  • 1. If a student misses a Check Point's Test for a genuine reason, an average based on his / her marks in other Check Point's Tests will be awarded. No retest will be allowed under any circumstances.
  • 2. Habitual absentees of Check Point's Tests will be awarded zero.
  • 3. If a student is admitted late and misses out any earlier Check Point or First Term Examination, assessment will be made on his / her later performance. (Previous missed Check Point's Tests will not be considered)
  • 4. If a student misses a Check Point Test / whole Check Point for a genuine reason (late admission / transfer) he / she will be eligible for class position.